The sky is an azure blue and the late afternoon sun creeps through the lush green trees here in the mountains of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, on a small grassy bench nestled above the slow flowing Greenbrier River. It is unbelievably quiet here in this quaint horse camp, for the first time in months we have time to reflect on what we finally decided to do—to uproot ourselves from our Virginia home—where we took care of our families and worked for so many years. Our respective life journeys then collided as it were and from that moment everything changed and new horizons and dreams suddenly seemed more than possible—and now we are embarking on what I will call the next phase– -we have closed certain doors and now opening new ones.

It didn’t take long to conjure a journey where we could both follow our passion for horses and take them from Virginia to our home in Montana—what better idea than to load our two “reiners”—Sly Enterprise and Lucky Little Street into our living quarter horse trailer and drive them across 10 States—exploring this amazing country and all of its wild and wonderful terrain on horseback. And so, we plotted a course that would take us through beautiful and scenic places, National Parks, state forests and open public lands. We utilized “Trail Rider” magazine as well as “Horse Motel” to find the right places to camp with our horses and trailer, where they would be safe and where there would be top-rated trail riding opportunities. It was possible to find these places, situated approximately 200-300 miles apart all the way to Montana—2600 miles away.

We decided to take the time to see the country like never before—riding our horses in wide open spaces we could imagine just a little what the early settlers experienced. In some small way we could charter new territory, take some risks and do something unique, knowing we would discover not only new things about the world we live in but new things within ourselves. And so, we decided to keep an on-line journal so we could share this journey, this exploration with you.

As you follow our story perhaps you will also be encouraged to follow your dreams—to do something you always imagined and hoped for but never thought possible. To “take charge of your life!!”—Here’s to “Taking the Reins!!”