Day 24 (8/6/16)

It is now close to 4 weeks from when we left Sandston, Virginia, approximately 2600 miles away.  We were finally on our last leg, with 333 miles to go.  It would be a 6 hour trip.  The scenery and landscape so familiar to us and crossing the Continental Divide so thrilling.  We were eager to get to Ashley Creek Stables, where we would board our horses until we could have them on our property, most likely Spring of 2018.  We unloaded them and got them situated easily.  They seemed fine and just happy to finally have a chance to really run about in the open paddock.  This time, no worries about having to gather them up for another day of driving.  We were HOME.  As we pulled up our driveway we saw the progress on both the arena and garage for the first time in several months.  Everything looked terrific, the garage doors installed, the roof on and oh the arena, how great is that going to be?  We felt such a relief to finally get home in one piece, what loomed as such an impossible task, so filled with unknowns was now behind us.





Now begins another journey, possibly more difficult, but we made it this far, no reason to think we cannot do anything we put our minds to.  Dennis says we are a good team, and I have to agree.  We did learn so many lessons along this journey—a few of these are noted below:

  1.  Always ask if the horse camps have clean bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities.  Get specific.
  2.   Ask “do you have internet access from where you are parked?”
  3.  Always shut off your electric water pump and water heater when not in use.
  4. Check the weather–constantly.
  5. Keep your water tank filled and your grey and black water emptied as much as possible.
  6. Make sure you put everything away in the RV–everything–before you hit the road.
  7. Keep your coolers filled with ice and also gallons of fresh water–just in case.
  8. Always grill outside, never inside.
  9. Wipe the sides of your slideouts if it has been raining before sliding them back into the trailer.

Before I close this chapter of our blog, I want to thank my dear friend Karen of Arlington, Virginia who encouraged me to do the blog and helped me with setting it up and the name for it.  Funny isn’t it that for my birthday in October after we finished the move that she gave me this card….it says, “In order to fly one need only to take the reins…how high you fly is up to you–Go for it!”  How perfect is that?

I also want to thank my dearest daughter–I only have one–for starting to input these entries and photos while we were on our journey given the lack of internet access during the trip.  Thank you so much.

Also, thank you so much to our dear Debbie Bull of Rein Dance Farms in Virginia who started us on this reining journey–you brought us so far, you gave us so much and we miss you terribly–so do Sly and Lucky.



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