Day 22 (8/4/16)

It’s Showtime!  We have been meeting a lot of nice horse people–great to have this opportunity only having arrived two days before.  We were scheduled to show right after lunch.  Jane was 7th up and Dennis was 12th.  Jane had a good ride but overspun which netted her a zero and Dennis started out well but going into a lead change, Lucky ducked in and then went to pieces.  However, Dennis’ slide stops were quite respectable and he had one really nice rollback.  Jane was pretty disappointed and decided to show again the next day.  Why not?  We signed up and then decided to return to the Bank Bar where we met a lot of other reiners who were competing at the show.  We were beginning to feel truly at home!


Cooling off Sly after a long day of practice and showing.


We reconnected with Meaghan Shea who has a great reining training facility in Eureka, about 2 hours from Somers.  She will be our trainer once we get home.



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