Day 20 (8/2/16)

We got up early, no leisure camping breakfast today.  We left around 8 a.m. and stopped in Buffalo to fuel up, dump our grey and black water and fill up with fresh.  This was also a historic moment as Jane had her first ever breakfast at Macdonalds!  Have to admit, the lattes were not that bad….perhaps judgement impaired due to camping.

The horses seemed a bit sad to leave this amazing place of unspoiled beauty and vast vistas.  We had decided to leave a day early and drive all the way to Wilsall (300 miles from Buffalo) near Livingston, Montana to Jay Dee Anderson’s–a reining trainer and breeder.  We had learned a few days before that Anderson Reining was hosting a reining show starting August 4.  JD invited us to stop on our way “home” to practice and show–what unexpected perfect timing.

Upon our arrival, JD met us and urged us to saddle up and start practicing….we were ready!



J.D. Anderson, Wilsall, Montana


Practicing in the outside arena


I think we are going to have to get one of these someday!



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