Day 14 (7/27/16)

We left the rodeo grounds of Strong City around 9:30 a.m., anticipating a 300 mile drive West to Colby, Kansas, close to the Colorado border.  The drive was smooth and uneventful–grateful for slightly cooler temps.  We arrived around 3 p.m. at “Home on the Range–Tin Acres Quarter Horse Farm”.  Nobody seemed to be around so we made ourselves at home, put the horses in the stalls, set up the R.V, then drove into Colby to find a laundry, fuel up and buy some ice.  Dennis got a much needed haircut while waiting for the clothes to dry.  The lady who cut his hair in casual conversation said she had never seen a tornado in the 12 years she has lived here.  We were curious about this as we knew we were smack dab in the middle of tornado alley and though earlier it was clear, heavy clouds started gathering, the sky was beginning to turn dark, the wind was picking up and it looked like quite a storm was coming.   Upon returning to the ranch we met two nice young ladies, Cathy and Laurie.  We complemented them on the facilities and the beautiful indoor covered arena–to which they replied, “Oh, it was completely rebuilt about 4 years ago after a TORNADO completely destroyed the previous one!  After turning in for the night, a very heavy thunderstorm hit and we were quite worried that the trailer might turn over in the ferocious winds–we were being rocked back and forth but this certainly wasn’t putting us to sleep.  It felt like we were on a boat.  Well, we survived the night but were anxious to get out of Kansas and tornado alley.  The next morning, we heard reports that a tornado could touch down, so we rushed to get the horses loaded and on our way West.  As we got on the interstate, we could see behind us the gathering storm and learned later that we got out in the nick of time as a tornado did touch down in that area.





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