Day 8 (7/21/16)

We woke early to a very hot and humid day.  We knew it was going to be brutally hot for the horses and made sure our water tanks were completely full.  Mammoth Cave Horse Camp was really a perfect setting and met all of our expectations.  We understood why it was rated one of the top horse “motels” in Kentucky and one of the best in the country!  We even had a place to hang our clothes to dry!



We said our goodbye’s to people we had met, our helpful hosts and loaded our horses and headed to Arlington, Tennessee just outside Memphis.  It took us about 6 hours since we had to stop a few times to water the horses.  It was 98 degrees and heat index registered 106 degrees!  We arrived at the Shady Creek Ranch–a Paso Fino operation, got our horses situated then went into town to the grocery store to stock up.  We were a bit worried given the heat and lack of shade, did our horses need fans?  They were sweating profusely when we returned, we checked on their water supply, they seemed OK but it was a bit unnerving, as the heat was stifling with no breeze.  We were eager to get a good sleep and head out as early as possible to our next horse camp–near Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Were we really up for “Hot Springs?”



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