Day 7 (7/20/16)

We awoke early to another hot but clear day.  We left our horses in their stalls and drove to Mammoth Cave National Park and took the History Tour—temperature dropped from 90 to 53 at the entrance to the cave—an unexpected escape from the oppressive heat.  Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest network of cavern corridors, over 330 miles in length, and is located beneath picturesque hills and valleys.  It is also an International Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site.  Rich in history, geology and natural beauty, it is one of America’s most famous attractions.



Whoever has heard of a road ending in water??  Ahead was a ferry to get across the river.  Little did we know that way below the road and river was this spaghetti like cavern spreading for miles below the earth’s surface.





We returned to the horse camp and saddled up and rode our horses in the arena this time, avoiding the temptation to take them on a trail ride.  They did just fine, accustomed as they are to the arena.  We don’t think they really want to become trail horses—this trip will surely tell.


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