Day 6 (7/19/16)

It seems this journal is going to be a guide of what NOT to do on a cross-country horse trip.  We awoke to a sunny, 90 degree morning, looked out of our window and saw our Tennessee friends pull out.  We decided we would leave early as well to get a head start to Mammoth Cave National Park.  After packing up, and Jane was done securing the inside of the trailer, Dennis proceeded to collect our horses and load them up.  We got Sly quickly, but now came the challenge.  Lesson #??—Don’t put a hard to catch horse in a very large pasture filled with Kentucky Blue Grass!!  This is when the understanding of a horse’s way of thinking comes in very handy.  Enter the “horse whisperer”!

“If the horse runs away from you, you simply make her continue to run until she is tired and let her stop when it is not her idea!”  Right?  Wrong!

Five hours later along with three bloody blisters, two bee stings and a scorching sunburn, we caught Lucky with the help of Steve, the owner, and were able to leave around 4 p.m.!  Fortunately, we only had to drive 130 miles to the next destination in Kentucky.   This time, putting our horses in 12 x 12 stalls seemed the very logical thing to do!  As we approached Mammoth Cave Horse Camp, we came upon an Amish horse drawn wagon in front of us—going now faster than us as we could not pull around it on the two lane road!


We finally arrived safely to a beautiful horse camp which is rated #1 in Kentucky and #2 in the entire country.  An awesome facility in every way!  We were so grateful for all of its amenities—and the horses seemed to be happy too–and we were even happier to have them safely tucked away with fresh shavings in 12 x 12 stalls.



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