Day 4 (7/17/16)

IMG_0072We awoke early to a refreshingly cool, foggy morning.  Campsite was nearly deserted with just a few horses in the paddocks and stalls.  We broke camp and loaded Sly and Lucky Little Street—ready for our next leg to Midway, Kentucky a few miles west of Lexington Horse Park.  Our next “horse motel”, cleverly named “Saddles and Sheets Equine Inn”. But of course traveling like we are, pulling a 38’ horse trailer is not without it own set of surprises.

During our first stop to water the horses, Dennis turned the water pump on inside the trailer so he could fill their buckets from the outside spigot.  Several hours later when we stopped for lunch at another rest stop, Dennis opened the door into the trailer only to find a flood of water all over the floor and drawers in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, forgetting to turn off the water pump inside meant that water if turned on inside would come on and that is exactly what happened, water poured out—not because we turned it on but because something we had left on the counter accidentally fell into the sink spigot turning it on and water flowed until the tank was completely drained!!  This meant we had to soak up all the water as quickly as possible with every towel in the trailer.  Lesson here—don’t put anything on the counter—anything—and always turn off your water pump when not in use and when on the road.


Midway, KY. Arrived at “Saddles and Sheets Equine Inn”

Arrived at “Saddles and Sheets Equine Inn” –a beautifully maintained horse farm outside of the quaint and historic railroad town of Midway.  We put both horses together for the first time and they seemed so happy to be in such a large pasture knee high in Kentucky Blue Grass!  Too much green for conflict or fights!  Happy as clams!


Now for the arduous task of cleaning and drying up from our earlier flood—Jane laid out the yard mat and tables to start washing while Dennis hooked up the trailer with electric and water.  Dennis put a nozzle on the hose and inserted it into the fresh water tank then proceeded to do other chores.  About that time, Jane began yelling “what are you doing?”  from the other side of the trailer.  The water hose had fallen out of the fill tank and was now squirting full force under the trailer, spraying water and mud all over the things she had just cleaned!  As she came underneath the trailer to stop the water spray, she hit her head very hard on the edge of the trailer!  Now, holding her head in extreme pain, wet and muddy from the spray, it was just too much and Jane had her first “melt down”!  After a breather, we set up a wash tub to hand wash every utensil, cups, plates, cookware and get everything clean and dry.  We set up fans to thoroughly dry everything in the drawers and cabinets.   Fortunately, we had discovered the flood early enough that no damage was done.  

Again, lessons learned.


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