Day 2 (7/15/16)

Up early, went on my last ride on Sly in the arena—it felt so good and liberating—knowing this was the first day of our adventure! Dennis finished the final packing up of our horse gear. Said our final farewells, tearful but joyful knowing that Debbie has promised to visit Montana soon. She is a kindred spirit and made my dream to become a good rider come true.


With Debbie Bull, Rein Dance Farm, King William, VA.

Enjoying our first ‘sundowner’ after settling our horses at E.J.’s Cottages.

We pulled out of Rein Dance Farm at 10:30 a.m.—even the horses seemed ready to go—they just hopped right into the trailer. Our first stop to Dunmore, West Virginia, 209 miles away to E.J’s Cottages, Camping and Stabling. We arrived around 4 p.m. got settled in, horses stalled, trailer set up. The temperature a comfortable 74 compared to the 98 in Virginia. So, for the first night no need for AC.—just opened the windows and slept well with the cool night air wafting through the RV.


We led the horses on a walk on the Greenbrier River Trail after we arrived to get them accustomed to the environment so there would be no problems on our planned ride the next day–they are arena horses not trail horses–so we were playing it safe.



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